Deck Heroes Hack iOS Android

 Hey! You found the right site. Here you can find our online hack tool for the Deck Heroes game, with which you can add unlimited coins, gems and G. points. Everything is based online so this means that you don’t have to download any software or program. All you have to do is enter your AppStore E-mail / Google Play E-Mail and the hack will take care of the rest!


We invested alot of time into coding this tool, so please use this wisely. We also added a proxy function, which is great because you will not get banned when you have turned this on. Our deck heroes hack tool will save you alot of time and money, and you will have more fun ingame!

Now a short summary of the game:

Deck Heroes is alot like the trading card based games like hearthstone or magic the gatherting, so if you like those games you will also like deck heroes. The graphics are really good for 2015, and the gameplay is actually challenging and takes strategy. Our Deck Heroes Hack will make the game easier, and more fun for you to play. Each battle will take around 2-3 minutes, making it easy to fit in some quick games anywhere. Your deck will contain up to 10 cards (depending on your level). However the deck is shuffled and you draw the cards randomly, this means that you will not always have the strongest cards in the ideal order, so you will have to play with a strategy. This makes the game really challenging and fun. The single player campaign offers alot of exploring, and quest battles. Those quest battles are sometimes more advanced than the usual fights, for example there are quests that require you to win a battle with not falling under 90% health. Overall, the user interface is extremely well designed, making it easy for you to control the game.

Here is some proof of the deck heroes hack tool:


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